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Read What Nova Scotians Are Saying About EcoWater Nova Scotia

Great Service

“Gary, just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great service and for making us feel safe drinking our water again. The softening and tannin removal system has made our clothes cleaner, our dishes and glasses are no longer foggy, our shower doors are no longer turning white and most importantly our oatmeal is no longer turning green! The RO system has given us the best drinking and cooking water a family could ask for. We no longer buy any bottled water at all. With 4 young children we take our water safety very seriously so we also appreciate your professionalism and the effort you put into helping us solve our problems. What a difference from the other companies that showed up, did a strip test on the water and then tried to sell us an unsuitable water softener and wouldn't answer any of our questions. Thank you again from our whole family,” The Leinwand Family.

Up and Running Great

“Gary: Thanks so much for the repair visit this morning. Everything is up and running great now!! Things are rolling with our new marketing campaign for the New Year and I expect a significant business increase as a result. You will note that we are creating a team of individuals to ensure that our clients are better served and will continue to recommend you to clients. I will need some more business cards from you so please send me a few in the mail as I only have one left at this point. Look forward to doing business with you in the New Year. Thanks again and all the best of health and happiness in the New Year,” Donna Harding.

Well Worth Every Penny

“Hi Gary, I just want to thank you for getting my water back to normal. I was having a lot of problems with my old system not working right. My water pressure was so bad I couldn't take showers and there was always a discolouration as well. After changing over to the new EcoWater system my water pressure is amazing and the water is crystal clear (no more toilet stains, yea!). The water was never this good even when the old system was working. I wish we would have started out with the EcoWater system, then we wouldn't have had the problems we've encountered for the last couple of years. It was well worth every penny to make the change. I would recommend you and your company to anyone that was looking to add or replace a water system. I know the horror stories with some of these old systems and I have a deep respect for what you do. Thanks again,” Joan and Pat .

What a Change

“Gary, Patti and I just spent our first weekend at the cottage with our new water treatment system. What a change! After the well was drilled in July 2005, initial water tests showed numerous elements in different concentrations that made us fearful that we would never have potable water come out of the tap at our cottage. From our first meeting at the Home Show in April, we were confident that our 'problem' would be solved. The installation was completed on August 8th, by two of your very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous staff technicians. We entertained friends this weekend, who once complained about the 'chlorine' in our city ice cubes. It was so great to make coffee and ice cubes this weekend, not having to worry about the quality of our water. Thanks again for your excellent service,” David.

My Morning Coffee Actually Tastes Great

“Hi Gary, just a note from the MacEwan's tonight. We have never had water as clear and fine as we do now (after 5 years). My morning coffee actually tastes great! Thanks for all your help! Should you or your team ever need a reference for service, please do not hesitate to use my name and phone number. I do appreciate the personalized service that you delivered. Regards,” Gord MacEwan.

180 Degree Turnaround

“Hi Gary, seems like I have a similar story to tell. I had a really bad system with really poor and expensive service, and now we have you and your company. Talk about a 180 degree turnaround! My old system was full of purple chemicals that tended to spill if not watched carefully. It was smelly, stained everything and a system that only worked after the service call. If they came,…when it was convenient. Now our water is clean, fresh, no staining, and no odours. Thank you for all your help and patience,” Warren Feltham.

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