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Drinking Water Systems

Quality Water Treatment Equipment for Homes and Businesses in Nova Scotia

Keep Your Home’s Water Supply Clean

EcoWater Nova Scotia carries a range of residential products to secure safe drinking water for your entire family:

Water treatment

Reverse Osmosis

An under the counter point-of-use reverse osmosis system is the perfect way to gain peace of mind about your drinking water. The system removes many harmful contaminants such as arsenic and uranium. It also improves the taste of your drinking water through carbon filtration, which helps to remove chlorine and fluoride. VIEW PDF

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light systems are a simple and sure fire way to rid your water of bacteria. We offer a variety of whole home ultraviolet light systems to meet your needs. Our base model is a 10 GPM system complete with filter housing and rack system for convenient wall mounting. We also have 13 GPM systems (in rack or single form). All UV Dynamics systems are made in Canada. VIEW PDF

Bottleless Coolers

Bottleless Coolers

Bottleless coolers are great for offices or for your home. The Ovio bottleless cooler has a four stage built-in reverse osmosis system. There is no need to replace empty bottles with new ones as this system draws water directly from your water supply and removes contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, sodium and many others. VIEW PDF

Get Your Water Tested Today! Why risk your family’s health?
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