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Commercial Water Treatment Services and Products in Mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton

Nova Scotia has a vast amount of experience in the commercial water treatment sector. EcoWater Nova Scotia has successfully installed water treatment systems for commercial clients such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, and schools. EcoWater Nova Scotia has done it all; we have serviced, and continue to service, many large scale softeners and commercial sized reverse osmosis systems.

Keep Public Drinking Water Safe with EcoWater

Are you concerned with what’s in the municipal water supply? Studies show that traces of pharmaceuticals, lead, and other contaminants show up in the water supply. The type of contaminant can change from one day to the next. Because we care, EcoWater has created a great solution for any water profile. EcoWater’s Safe Drinking Water Fountain is a great addition to any school, gym, or industrial setting.


Our commercial softeners come in many different sizes to fit your specific needs:

  • Counter-current brining
  • Dynamic brine-making system
  • Exceptional flow rates
  • High-density salt storage tank
  • Safe 24-volt electronics
  • Self-cleaning upper and lower distributors
  • Turbine flow meter
  • Washed quartz underbedding
Commercial Water Filter

Reverse osmosis

We also offer a variety of commercial reverse osmosis systems. Whether it’s to treat town and city water or sea water, we have the RO you need.

Commercial Water Filter
Commercial Water Filter
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