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Diagnose Your Water

Experienced Water Treatment Specialists

When it comes to water safety, many issues can surface. Below is a list of some of common issues — issues EcoWater Nova Scotia can treat.


To serve you better, we can test your water for Iron, pH, Manganese, TDS, and Tannins. Please contact us for more information.


To test your water supply for any signs of arsenic, uranium and bacteria, EcoWater Nova Scotia refers to a specialized laboratory in order to get precise results. Testing fees apply - Please contact us for more information.

Hard Water

Hard water has a naturally occurring high mineral content with minerals like calcium and magnesium which accumulate during the water cycle. Hard water can occur with well water and city water. An easy fix for hard water is a water softener. EcoWater Nova Scotia has varying sizes to fit your individual needs. We also have compact all-in-one systems to fit in small spaces and save room.

The Effects and Signs of Hard Water

  • Can lead to low water pressure from your shower or faucets, and even lead to bursting pipes over time
  • Dulls your hair and clogs your pores
  • Leads to higher energy bills because of scale build-up in your water heater and pipes
  • Leaves ugly stains in sinks and fixtures
  • Makes household cleaning more difficult by lessening the effectiveness of soaps and cleaning products
  • Scum that collects on shower doors
  • Water using appliances become less efficient and need to work harder
  • Wears out clothing and makes laundry feel hard and scratchy
Hard Water
Spots on dishes and appliances/difficulty making soap suds/ calcification on faucets


Iron is one of the most common issues that we treat. Iron is abundant in the ground and often makes its way into your water supply. Depending on your water profile we may be able to remove iron without the use of salt or chemicals (with the help of our air-oxidation filter). If needed, we can also remove iron with the use of a softener.

The Effects and Signs of Iron

  • Orange to brownish staining in your shower, sinks and toilets
  • Reduction of water pressure due to lines clogging with iron
  • Staining on your clothes
Orange/yellow staining
Orange/yellow staining
Rotten egg smell
Brown staining


Manganese is also very commonly found in the ground and therefore commonly found in water. It can be removed much like iron with the use of a softener or even a salt and chemical free air-oxidation filter.

The Effects and Signs of Manganese

  • Brownish staining
  • Metallic taste
Brownish staining


Sulphur (or hydrogen sulfide) is gas trapped in your water. It is easily recognizable by its unpleasant smell. It can be removed through the use of our air-oxidation filter or a micronizer, depending on water test results.

The Effects and Signs of Sulphur

  • Rotten egg-like smell
  • Discolouration of appliances and silverware

Acidic Water

Acidic water is the result of low water pH. Acidic water will over time eat away at metals that it touches. A neutralizing filter can boost your pH back to 7 pH (average neutral level).

The Effects and Signs of Acidic Water

Corrosion on pipes and fixtures

Coroded faucet
Bluish green stains, corrosion on piping and taps
Chlorine taste


Chlorine is commonly used to kill bacteria in water. If you access a town or city water supply, you most likely will taste chlorine in your water as it is used in the treatment process at your local water treatment plant. Once the water arrives to your home there is no longer a need for chlorination. A point-of-use reverse osmosis system can remove chlorine as well as fluoride and other contaminants in your drinking water. A whole-home carbon filtration system can remove chlorine for your entire house.

The Effects and Signs of Chlorine

  • Chlorine taste in water
  • Dry skin
Chlorine Bleach
Salt taste

Salt Water

If you live by the ocean, you may have salt water contamination as salt water can seep into your well supply. Salt can be removed by a point-of-use reverse osmosis system or a whole-home reverse osmosis system.

The Effects and Signs of Salt Water

  • Salty taste in water
  • Corrosion on fixtures
Salt water

EcoWater Nova Scotia can also test your water supply for signs of:


Arsenic is a known carcinogen that is commonly found in residential drinking water. Arsenic often goes unnoticed as you cannot see, taste, or smell it in your water. It is important that you get your water tested, as it is the only way you will know if arsenic is present. The good news is that arsenic can be removed by a point-of-use reverse osmosis system for drinking water, or by a salt and chemical free whole home filtration system. EcoWater Nova Scotia has successfully treated arsenic levels as high as 1390 µg/l.


Uranium is contaminant that you cannot see, taste, or smell. A special water test must be conducted to determine if it is present in your water supply. Uranium is naturally found in rocks and can leech off into your water supply. Uranium can cause issues with many organs in the body. It can be removed by a point-of-use reverse osmosis system or by the use of a strong based anion resin and a water softener. There are also salt and chemical free treatments available.


Bacteria can be present in two forms in your water, either as E. coli or coliform bacteria. Bacteria cannot be seen or tasted so a test is required to find traces of it. Bacteria can be killed through the use of an ultraviolet light system.

arsenic, uranium and bacteria
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