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Water Testing in Mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton

If you need a water treatment system, EcoWater Nova Scotia will help guide you through the entire process.

Whether you choose to have us test your water, or have testing done at a lab, we will carefully analyze the results and recommend the perfect system for your needs.

If we perform your water test, and you decide to purchase a system from EcoWater Nova Scotia, we will credit you back the water testing fees toward your investment!* 

*Arsenic, uranium, and bacterial testing fees are not included in standard testing.

EcoWater Nova Scotia is equipped to service, clean, and repair almost all softeners and filters. We have extensive experience in Autotrol as well as Fleck systems, and more experience than any other dealer in the province in EcoWater systems.

If you have a Kenmore (Sears), Whirlpool, GE, Miracle Water, North Star or Eco Pure water softener or filter, it is made by EcoWater. This means we always have the parts and the knowledge to service and to repair these systems.


EcoWater Nova Scotia is proud to possess the following certifications:

Nova Scotia Environment — Water Treatment Class I

Red Seal Oil Heat System Technician, Nova Scotia Environment — Water Treatment Class I
Get Your Water Tested Today! Why risk your family’s health?
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